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Alloy Steel JIS G4105 Pipe

Alloy Steel JIS G4105 Pipe

SCM420 Alloy steel Pipes

SCM420 Alloy steel Pipes

G4105 SCM435 Pipe

G4105 SCM435 Pipe

Tubos India is one of the large manufacturers for high quality Alloy Steel JIS G4105 SCM420 Pipes. SCM420 steel pipes harden ability is higher and no temper brittleness. The tendency of cold crack formation is very small but the machinability and coldstraining plasticity is good. The weldability of SCM420 alloy steel is quite good. Alloy Steel JIS G4105 SCM420 seamless pipes in conditioning or carburizing and quenching condition used in the manufacture of the corrosive medium and working temperature below 250 Degree C, the medium containing nitrogen hydrogen mixture work of high pressure pipes and all kinds of fasteners, such as gear, the more senior carburized parts, shaft, etc. JIS 4105 seamless pipe in conditioning or carburizing and quenching condition, used in the manufacture of the corrosive medium and working temperature below 250 degree. JIS G4105 Steel Pipe are commonly used in gas and oil sectors.

JIS G4105 is a Japanese Industrial Standard specifies chromium molybdenum steel, mostly used for machine structural. JIS G4105 SCM420 pipe manufactured by hot forming, such forging and hot rolled, ordinarily used after further process of forging, cutting and heat treatment. This JIS G4105 alloy Pipe harden ability is higher, JIS G4105 have no temper brittleness. Alloy Steel JIS G4105 SCM420 weld ability is quite good, form the cold cracking tendency is small, can be great mability and cold plastic strain. JIS G4105 SCM 420 have fatigue resistance, impact tenacity, high static strength and hardenability without overheating tendencies. But JIS G4105 pipe weldability is not good, so before this jis is being welded, it needs to preheat between 150-410 °C. After welding JIS G4105 needs heat treatment to relieve stress. JIS G4105 SCM420 is used after quenching and high temperature tempering treatment. Tubos is specialized in offering JIS G4105 SCM420 structural steel pipes for many years. We have JIS G4105 Steel Pipes at very affordable price. Please Check following other JIS G4105 steel Grades.

Alloy JIS G4105 SCM420 Steel Chemical Compositions















JIS G4105 Alloy Steel Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength
Mpa (min)

Tensile Strength





Alloy Steel JIS G4105 SCM 420 Steel Equivalent Material

JIS G4105


BS 970

NF A35-551

ГOCT 4543

SCM420 (SCM22)


708H20, 708M20



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