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Low Alloy Steel Finned Tubes

Low Alloy Steel Finned Tubes

Carbon Steel Finned Tubes

Carbon Steel Finned Tubes

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Tubos India is one of the large manufacturers for high quality Finned Tubes. The surface of these tubes is perfectly matched to your intended application. Finned tubes made by Tubos are produced from plain tubes that have undergone a forming process. The tubes serves as highly compact, efficient, yet extremely stable heat exchangers. We have access to a broad spectrum of materials to ensure we use just the right material for your specific needs, for example concerning ductility and resistance.

Low Finned Tubes Material & Application

1ASTM A498Carbon & Carbon alloyHeat exchanger for Oil refinery and Petrochemical plants
2ASTM A1012Stainless & Duplex alloyCondenser and Heat exchanger for Petrochemical & Power plants
3ASTM B359 / ASME SB359Copper & Copper alloyHeat exchanger for Petrochemical plants, Condenser & Evaporator for Power plants
4ASTM B891Titanium & Titanium alloyCondenser and Heat exchanger for Steam & Nuclear power plants
5ASTM B924Nickel alloyCondenser and Heat exchanger for Chemical plants

Copper Alloy & Copper High Finned Tubes

Nominal dimensions(mm)Finned section dimensions(mm)Outsurfac
Surface area ratio out. To in.Insidecros
Inside diameterWall thicknessActual inside diameterWall thickness(Min.)Fin diameter (Min.)Root diameter (Min.)
High finned tubes715.881.65116.03881.54919.050.53610.62201.7

High Frequency Welded Spiral Finned Tubes

Finned Tubes outside diameter:3/8inch ~ 8inch
Finned thickness:0.8mm ~ 3.2mm
Finned pitch:60FPM ~ 315 FPM
Finned height:9mm ~ 38mm
Finned Tubes Material:Carbon steel, Low alloy steel, High grade corrosion resistant alloy steel, Ferritic and austenitic stainless steel & Non-ferrous metal .
Finned length:24,000mm (max)

Surface area of spiral solid finned tubes in India

Finned thickness (mm) Height (mm)
Tube O.D.Segments(s)3573572461.5341.534
1 1/4"31.8mm0.671.051.420.671.051.420.470.851.230.380.671.050.470.670.8516
1 1/2"38.1mm0.921.461.990.921.461.990.651.191.730.520.921.460.650.921.1919
2 1/2"63.5mm1.62.533.461.62.533.461.132.062.990.091.62.531.131.62.0622
3 1/2"88.9mm2.

Surface area of spiral serrated finned tubes

Finned thickness (mm) Height (mm)
Tubes O.D.Segments(s)357246246246
1 1/4"3.96/4.380.
1 1/2"3.96/4.380.821.291.760.621.11.619.1
1 3/4"3.96/4.381.091.722.350.81.472.1322.2
2 1/4"3.96/4.381.462.323.171.061.942.831.081.982.891.192.052.5125.4
2 1/2"3.96/4.381.612.553.

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