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Distributors & Stockist of LC52-1200 CRA Line Pipe.

LC30-1812 CRA Line Pipe

LC30-1812 CRA Line Pipe

API LC65-2205 CRA Line Pipe

API LC65-2205 CRA Line Pipe

LC65-2506 CRA Line Pipe

LC65-2506 CRA Line Pipe

Tubos India is one of the large manufacturers for high quality API 5LC CRA Line Pipes. This covers centrifugal cast, seamless and welded alloy line pipe with improved corrosion resistant properties. The purpose of this specification is to provide standards for pipe with improves their corrosion resistance suitable for use in conveying gas, oil and water in both the oil and natural gas industries. The outside diameter(O.D.) size limits and ranges apply also to the corresponding nominal sizes. The primary product is beveled pipe. This includes NPS 1 inch through 42 inch Grades covered by this specification are LC30-1812, LC65-2506, LC52-1200, LC65-2205, LC30-2242 and LC80-2507 1.

Pipe furnished to this specification may be as solution annealed, rolled, except LC52-1200, which shall be tempered and quenched. Manufacturer shall establish and follow procedures for maintaining heat and/or lot identity until all requirements of heat and/or lot tests are performed.

API 5LC CRA Line Pipes Materials

API LC30-1812S31603/S31653
API LC65-2205 S31803
API LC65-2506 S31260
API LC80-2507 S39274

API 5LC CRA Line Pipes Mechanical Properties

GradeYield strength, min.Tensile strength, min.Elongation, min. Percent in 2 in.UNS Numbers
API LC30-1812 30,000 207 70,000 482 25 S31603 S31653
API LC65-2205 65,000 448 90,000 621 25 S31803
API LC65-2506 65,000 448 95,000 656 25 S31260
API LC80-2507 80,000 552 110,000 758 20 S39274 S32760 S32750

API 5LC CRA Line Pipes Dimensions

Outside DiameterWall Thickness
33.4 mm - 813 mm3.4 mm - 31.8 mm

API 5LC CRA Line Pipes Size

Nominal O.D.Nominal W.T.(total thickness), mmNominal W.T.(total thickness), mmPipe length, m
NPSinchmm456789171922253133354045505460API 5LDDNV OS-F101CJ/T192
Nominal W.T., mm456789171922253133354045505460Cladding min. thickness, mm
Remarks: 1) Special sizes may be agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser; 2) The min. thickness of the cladding may be agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser.

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